Sunday, February 27, 2011

Was it meant to be?

Last fall during my visit to LA I visited the Folk Art Museum. Now when I go to a museum my first stop is always the gift shop. Luckily my good friend Nola feels the same as we do so much traveling together. The gift shop at the LA Folk Art Museum is one of my very all time favorite places to brows. I always seem to find a treasure to buy.
Getting back to last falls visit I noticed a beautiful bag, I fell in love with this bag, I really wanted this bag. But....I did not buy it, the price tag was high and I felt I just could not justify spending the money, it was large and I was not sure how I could pack it to take it home.

Today when we were downtown in LA Nola mention how close we were to the Folk Art Museum and maybe we should stop by. My thoughts went immediately to "The Bag" and I though it would not be there after all this time. My heart going pitter patter we walked into the shop....and there it was waiting for me! I snatched it up, clutched it to my bosom, and all but ran to the check out desk. Telling the nice man at the desk my little story he gave me a discount, and the beautiful bag is now mine.

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  1. Oh dear !
    What can I say.
    Well done beautiful bag