Tuesday, April 23, 2013

First tooth

One of my granddaughters lost her first tooth last week while at school. We carried it very carefully back to my house where she was going to have lunch and stored it in a safe place until her Mom came to pick her up.  We talked about the Tooth Fairy ( in case you were wondering she's sill around) and what she would leave under her pillow. Apparently money is still the Tooth Fairy gift. This granddaughter  does not like to have her photo taken and usually makes a face or sticks her tongue out, but surprisingly asked  me to take her photo to commemorate this milestone in her life.
I used the photo to make a page for this weeks Anna Aspnes Lift Challenge.

Monday, April 22, 2013


I took up knitting again last summer to complete some  knitting projects. What prompted me to start  was a baby sweater that I found in the back of my closet half done. The baby that it was originally being made for graduated  from university last June! I found that I was enjoying knitting  as I watched television in the evenings.  I knitted several sweaters for my 3 granddaughters and scarfs for myself, my daughter and son. What next! SOCKS!
Socks are easy to knit, there are wonderful yarns to chose from and make great presents. The dark striped sock was an anniversary present for my husband.  In both socks above I used self striping yarn. What is magical about this yarn is that each of the pairs knitted were identical.

 I'm now trying to knit a pair of socks from a pattern that I found and purchased online, it is made up of seed stitches and captivated me with is beautiful design .
Unfortunately the pattern has a number of errors in it and I'm having to improvise. So frustrating!  I had hoped to be able to purchase the same yarn as in the photo but no luck. Its from a small boutique yarn company that only produces limited quantities. Instead I'm using a hand dyed yarn made of merino, cashmere and silk combination which feels heavenly and is wonderful to work with.
 I'll post updates on this project as I continue to work through the pattern.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Artfully Abstracted

Moving right along with the  Letter Loving 101 class lesson #11.

 After watching Joanne's inspiring video I completed the assignment for lesson #11 using Pitt Pen to draw my name ,vines, flowers and other bits and pieces. I then switched over to Tombo & Zig markers to add colour. I also used Copic markers (love, love these) blending the greens on the leaves to give some shading. I have had most of these markers for awhile and I'm enjoying learning how to use them in new ways. Looking forward to the next lesson "Vintage Typeface for Lettering".

Monday, April 15, 2013

First Embroidery

My   twin granddaughters turned six recently. I thought a fun project would be to teach them how to embroider.  I love to embroider and want to pass on the joy of  this skill to them.
When thinking about how to start the project with my granddaughters, I knew I needed to keep it simple and that it should not take to long.
I came up with the idea of a rainbow. I had the girls draw rainbows with magic markers and then provided them with matching embroider floss. The girls took several visits to finish the project  and were so proud of themselves when it was completed. They decided they wanted to give the finished pieces to their parents on their own birthday as a surprise.  I offered to mount and frame the embroideries for them.  What surprised me the most was that the girls were able to keep the secret and not tell their Mom or Dad what they had accomplished until presenting them with the framed project.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Letter Love 101 lesson # 10

I worked on Lesson #10 in the Letter Love 101 class yesterday. The lesson  was labeled "Delightfully Doodled Alphas.
I used a pit pen to draw the letters, a Zig marker to fill in the zentangle designs and then using my new LOVE, Copic markers to add in the colour. Pan Pastels were used to give a bit of colour around the lettering. I have not yet gotten the hang of using the pastels and I'm finding it a bit frustrating not being able to blend them well. No doubt we will cover this in later lessons. Still loving the class and I look forward to each new lesson.

This says it all!

It is still winter in my part of the world, snow and below freezing temperatures when we usually have spring flowers popping up. I'm finding myself yearning for sunshine and warmer climes. Maybe next week???

Thursday, April 11, 2013


My youngest Granddaughter spent the morning with me last week. She is a sweetie and a pleasure to have around. I snapped lots of photos and the one I used on this page is my favorite.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Letter Loving 101

I started a new on line class this week given by Joanne Sharpe called Letter Loving 101 and I'm lovein' the class.This class is about creating "artful lettering" over 29 days of videos. You have access to the videos forever and can progress at your own speed. There is a class supply list and I found I had most of the items already in my stash.  So far I've worked up to 5 lessons. One of the early lessons is using all of your black marker to write the alphabet. I was amazed and a bit surprised that I had soooo many black markers and how different the lettering looked with each one.
In the supply list Joanna asks for two books, one a old fashion Composition book to practice in and the other a Strathmore Visual Journal. Lesson 5 had us working in the Visual Journal. I used markers and Pan Pastels to create the page you see above. Not too bad for a first attempt I think. The jury is out on Pan Pastels, not sure if I like using them or not. What I am sure of is that I'm looking forward to working on Lesson 6 tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Red Rocket

The electric street car in Toronto is affectionately know as the Red Rocket. Sometimes loved and some times hated depending on how long you have to wait for it. I rented a wide angle lens a few months ago to see if I really NEEDED one. The weather that day was awful, cold, gray, and snowy not a bit of colour anywhere. As I was walking back home after trying to shoot some photos at a local park I noticed the Red Rocket moving towards me. A wonderful splash of bright colour among the grays of the day.
If you would like to see more photos of a street car check out my friend Linda Kittmer's blog Fiber Art Fun.
My conclusion after using the wide angle lens for the weekend I decided I really did not NEED it.

The kindness of strangers and signatures

In my efforts to update my blog I decided that I wanted to add a signature to each post.

I worked on the the design, sized it, got it ready for the web, uploaded it to the blog. Yhea, I could see it in the preview, looked pretty good, pressed apply and......nothing happened! Yikes, what did I do wrong? When through the instructions again redid the uploading....still nothing. I next looked the web for help. Checked out Google help page and posted a request for help. Still nothing seemed to work. In my search I found Marie Mosley  and her tutorial on how to add a signature to a blog. I sent a email to Marie last night and she answered me this morning having looked at my blog first. What she found was my signature just where it was supposed to be! Go figure!! I still can't see my signature when I am signed in but it can be seen by others. It impressed me to no end that Marie took the time to check out my blog and write to me. Thank you Marie. I would suggest checking out Marie's web site she has some great tutorials for bloggers.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Henrietta Wren

I've been meaning to post this photo of Henrietta Wren that I made while visiting my good friend Nola in Los Angles. Henrietta is made of cloth, stuffed and has wire legs wrapped in floral tape.
The pattern comes from The Artful Bird by Abigail Patner Glassenberg.

I love the finished bird but have to say it was very fiddelly to make.

Monday, April 1, 2013

A New Look

If you are reading this post you can see I have a new look on the blog. I had not been happy with the look of my blog for awhile but had no idea how to change it.  And to be truthful a bit frighten that in trying to change it all would be lost!
Last week I started a class at my favorite site to take classes Jessica Sprague.com. Jessica  led the class through the process of using Photoshop to develop the design and the how too's of uploading the new items onto our blogs. Her lessons were clear and easy to understand, giving us both the visual of videos as well as PDF's of written instructions. One of the best parts of the class is the forum where you can post questions and triumphs. There is always a great support of help when you need it. I still have a bit of tweaking to do but I'm happy with the results. I would love some feedback of what you think of the new look.