Sunday, April 7, 2013

Letter Loving 101

I started a new on line class this week given by Joanne Sharpe called Letter Loving 101 and I'm lovein' the class.This class is about creating "artful lettering" over 29 days of videos. You have access to the videos forever and can progress at your own speed. There is a class supply list and I found I had most of the items already in my stash.  So far I've worked up to 5 lessons. One of the early lessons is using all of your black marker to write the alphabet. I was amazed and a bit surprised that I had soooo many black markers and how different the lettering looked with each one.
In the supply list Joanna asks for two books, one a old fashion Composition book to practice in and the other a Strathmore Visual Journal. Lesson 5 had us working in the Visual Journal. I used markers and Pan Pastels to create the page you see above. Not too bad for a first attempt I think. The jury is out on Pan Pastels, not sure if I like using them or not. What I am sure of is that I'm looking forward to working on Lesson 6 tomorrow.


  1. I love your journal page. Your art work is beautiful and I give a thumbs up to the pan pastels. I am in your bloom your blog class.

  2. I am so disappointed because my comment did not show up. I posted it almost the same day when you uploaded this page. It's fantastic and makes me want to take the class. Fabulous page, Diane.