Saturday, October 27, 2012


This week I have continued  making  sketches out of  photos and then creating  a watercolour effect.  I've  used photos that I  have taken on my various trips over the years for this.
 St. Augustine, Fla.
 Giverny, France
Washington, D.C.
It's a pleasure being able  to use these photo's  in my art work and and at the same time renewing my  memories of those trips.
What do you think of this technique? Would love some feedback and comments.

Monday, October 22, 2012


My Australian friend Pauline Conolly was interviewed recently about her current work in progress which you can read here. It is a story about her Uncle Arthur who served with the Tasmanian 12th battalion in Gallipoli. I was haunted by the story after reading it in the morning before leaving for work. As soon as I came home in the evening I created the page below.
Pauline wrote and told me the page brought her to tears. What a wonderful complement to give a artist.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


I love challenges that are offered on various sites I'm a member of. I find that they spark my creative juices and get me thinking.
Here are the results of the challenges I entered this weeks.

This one was for the Art Journal Caravan week #42 the word was Elixir. As Halloween is coming soon I thought I'd add a bit of a spooky touch.
Another challenge was the art journal challenge by Nancy Rowe Janitz at Jessica Sprague.Com . The challenge is  " I remember". Some of my happiest travel memories are of Paris, the photo was lifted from the net and it express the wonderful secret corners of the city to me.

Another challenge at Jessica Sprague was to take a photo and change it into a sketch. This photo was taken a few years ago by me in Rome.

Comments are always appreciated.

Monday, October 15, 2012


I've been chosen again to be one of the features in the Art Journey Caravan blog.

The journal page was created using the challenge word gossamer. Funny this was not one of my favorite journal pages. I preferred this one. The word time was the challenge.
There have also been challenges this month for Halloween. I've had quite a lot of fun creating spooky pages.
The challenge was to creating something that gives you nightmares. I think I was pretty successful with this one!
Grim Reaper
 The three below were created for a challenge using tombstones. If you look closely you will see the name Annabel Lee on the tombstone of the page below. My inspiration for this page came from the poem by Edgar Allen Poe.
Torch Bearer

Fallen Angel