Saturday, October 27, 2012


This week I have continued  making  sketches out of  photos and then creating  a watercolour effect.  I've  used photos that I  have taken on my various trips over the years for this.
 St. Augustine, Fla.
 Giverny, France
Washington, D.C.
It's a pleasure being able  to use these photo's  in my art work and and at the same time renewing my  memories of those trips.
What do you think of this technique? Would love some feedback and comments.


  1. I cannot say it enough but I love love this style and would really like to see a tutorial on it. You could create it and post it in the forum? Do it, Diane. You are good at this and your layouts are breathtakingly created. I need to try this too....(as if I have the time). All three layouts are also very much in tune with the location: BOTH luxurious, botanical, flowery, gentle and the flora looks as if it's been there for centuries (which it probably has)...lovely work.

  2. I love this technique, the finished effect is gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful Diane. I especially love the one with the steps leading up to that lovely door.