Sunday, April 14, 2013

Letter Love 101 lesson # 10

I worked on Lesson #10 in the Letter Love 101 class yesterday. The lesson  was labeled "Delightfully Doodled Alphas.
I used a pit pen to draw the letters, a Zig marker to fill in the zentangle designs and then using my new LOVE, Copic markers to add in the colour. Pan Pastels were used to give a bit of colour around the lettering. I have not yet gotten the hang of using the pastels and I'm finding it a bit frustrating not being able to blend them well. No doubt we will cover this in later lessons. Still loving the class and I look forward to each new lesson.

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  1. I am having problems posting because your site is requesting now for me to type in some 'word'....but I hope this will show. Love love the class and have no idea how you do this. It's simply amazing. I need to join.