Tuesday, April 23, 2013

First tooth

One of my granddaughters lost her first tooth last week while at school. We carried it very carefully back to my house where she was going to have lunch and stored it in a safe place until her Mom came to pick her up.  We talked about the Tooth Fairy ( in case you were wondering she's sill around) and what she would leave under her pillow. Apparently money is still the Tooth Fairy gift. This granddaughter  does not like to have her photo taken and usually makes a face or sticks her tongue out, but surprisingly asked  me to take her photo to commemorate this milestone in her life.
I used the photo to make a page for this weeks Anna Aspnes Lift Challenge.


  1. Great page for a great milestone! xo

  2. how did I not see this one? lol, I loved it in the gallery as much as I love it here. She is a sunshine.