Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stencilry With Friends continued

Continuing our stenciling, today we worked in Ute's studio, which is wonderful, big, bright and well organized. I do envy it. Ute is a very talented doll artist and if you would like to see her work this is a link to her web site Nola (another very talented doll artist lent us her expertize in how to make our own stencils. We did not have spray paints or inks today so worked with acrylics on our stencils once cut. I've posted a photo of my book now bound with bright red duct tape. I'll add the journal pages next as well as more lettering on the cover before I call it finished. I've also posted a work in progress page from a journal started sometime ago following instructions from Teesha Moore, today I added some stenciling to spice the page up. Still a bit more work will be needed to finish this page off. Looking forward to tomorrow when Nola and I will spent some time working on these pages.

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  1. Love it! Thanks for posting my link. Ah' and I hate to do this, but it hasn't been Enchanting Delights for a long time. The link should read

    Sorry! I had a great time today. I did realize that I need to freshen up my paints and ink pads. I'm sorry! It was still great fun.