Monday, February 14, 2011

LA Journal #4

I have a trip booked for LA next week to visit my dear friend Nola and see some sunshine and green grass. A nice break from the very long winter. I have made a journal to take with me this past weekend. The journal cover is made out of medical Tyvek, painted, backed with silk, stitched and then distressed by using a heat gun. The cover has a felt backing. Unfortunately it has not photographed well, the colours are much prettier than shown. As in the past I've created the pages for journaling using scraps of paper stitched together as per the Remains of the Day class I took from Mary Anne Moss a year ago. I love the scrappy look of the pages and using all the various bits and pieces I seem to collect over time. I had never kept a journal before but find that I now enjoy recording my days travel, adding little photo's that I print out on the small Pogo portable printer that I take with me. And I'm surprised how often I go back to these journals to look for some information.

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  1. Diane I would love to see the inside of your journal! Love the idea of bringing a printer on a trip and printing out the pictures right then and there!

    Soak up some sun for me - it is -37c with windchill this morning - I am so not going outside!