Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stencilry With Friends

My journal cover
A play day in LA with friends what could be better. Three of us got together today to work from a class by Mary Ann Moss - Stencilry. We spent the morning drinking tea, catching up on news and making our journal covers out of cardboard and paper .

After a lunch break of delicious soup made by Nola, we started to decorate the journal covers using stencils. Nola gave us a quick lesson on how to use the spray paints before we started.

Nola has a "wet studio" set up in her garage and as you can see from the photo's we used masks and a respirator while we were spraying the paint. Using a variety of objects which included doilies, punchanella, paper stencils and lace we sprayed our journal covers.
As we started using the spray paints we decided to move outside to help with the fumes. Even with working outside and with a respirator I found myself with a headache at the end of the day. Tomorrow we will make pages to go inside of the journals, this time work out of Ute's studio. We will be using acrylics, and spray ink, no respirators will be needed which will be a lot better.
What a wonderful break from winter this is. Although Nola tells me it is cold, to me it's bliss to be able to go out side with just a sweater on, no coat, boots, gloves, and hat!


  1. Great pics Diane, and great fun was had by all! It was hard to stop. :-) See you both tomorrow.

  2. Lovely to put faces to names of your friends.
    Weather looks lovely

    Mm Wish I could join in