Monday, March 22, 2010

A tisket a Casket

Tidying up yesterday I came across this Casket I made last summer. The casket was inspired by a article that I read in the June/July 09 issue of Stitch Magazine from the UK written by Janet Humphrey.

Instead of using the pattern provided in Stitch, why make life easy, I pull out a book I've had for ages Embroidered Boxes by Jane Edmonds. I reduced the size of the pattern in the book adapting it to the techniques given in the magazine.
The base used is Pelmet Vilene which is then dyed. Silk and sheer fabrics are bonded to the Vilene, free machine embroidered and hand embellished. I used lace that I had dyed myself and the lining is silk. Painted wooden beads are use for feet. With great intentions I had planned to make 2 more in a larger size for my little grand daughters. That has yet to have happened, but as they are only 3 I do have some time until they would have a use for it.


  1. What a beautiful treasure you have made, Diane!

  2. It does look lovely in ther flesh!.
    Afraid mine is still in the pre start phase