Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Martha Steward Moment

I had intended when I started this Blog to only share my creative stuff and I guess you could stretch and call a cake creative. It was my twin grand daughters 3 birthday this month and I asked if they wanted a cake or a cup cake, both was the reply. I found a cake mold in the shape of a cup cake and the girls "helped" me decorate it. They were besides themselves with the joy of gum drops, smarties (M&Ms) and sugar stars, and certainly sampled them as they decorated. As you can see from the photos I've posted the "cup cake" was a huge success. My daughter called it a Martha Stewart moment!


  1. The cake is lovely and so are your little granddaughters...they look identical, even their cute hair-line! Double the joy!

  2. I bought that same cake pan to make a cupcake cake for my daughter last year ... love it! Your granddaughters did a great job helping with the decorating!