Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rock sculpture on the Beach

Although I live in a large city I am very lucky to have access to a beach and boardwalk a few minute drive from my home. We decided today to have lunch and a walk on the boardwalk even though it was cool and overcast.
We came across this man building rock sculptures next to the boardwalk. We stopped to chat and asked what he used to attach the rocks to each other and was amazed at the answer which was "nothing is used". Balance and finding the center of gravity, and thats it.

Some of the rock were quite large and in the photo above you can see one of the items used was a cement block! At the end of each day he knocks the sculptures down to prevent any accidents.
What a interesting way to spend your spare time!

I loved the roots of this tree and can see potential for a embroidery here. Lots of ropy texture. The on line class I am taking,Studio Journal, has me looking "with a artist" eye and taking lots of photos for future inspriation.
This photo is of the life guards perch. It looks so gray and desolate today. Below are houses that face the beach, I think how nice their views mus be any time of the year with the park and beach in front of them.


  1. I love stacked rocks...I have a few on the property, but only one that is actually balanced and it's just a round ball-like rock on top of a flat rock. Loved seeing these, the man is very talented, but he must have a lot of patience.

  2. Neat way to go - create then destroy with out feeling guilty!
    Like the houses - AND, the tree & its roots - yes potential plus - lady.


  3. I saw someone doing the rock balancing last year on the sidewalk on Queen Street West. He had a shopping cart full of rocks to pick from! Can't tell from your photo if it is the same guy but it is certainly quite a skill!