Saturday, April 3, 2010


I took a class a year ago with Sylvia Naylor which was to be a cross between machine and hand

embroidery. I decided I want to do a landscape and at Sylvia's suggestion did a mock up first using paper cut from a magazine .

Next the background fabric was painted and I added some bits of batik to create the mountains and hills. After the two day class ended I did a bit of machine stitching at home and became stuck. And my landscape gather dust in my studio for a year.

Yesterday my good friend from LA was visiting and I showed her what I had done and why I had not worked on the piece again. After some very good suggestions, I started working again and finished it today. I am quite pleased with the way it turned out, it's my first totally machine embroidered piece. At this time I can't decide if I like the finish piece with more sky (at top of post) or less. I'll live with it a while before I make a decision.


  1. This looks beautiful - I would love to see it 'in person'!

  2. Wow, Diane, both the fabric and the paper landscapes are beautiful but of course, the fabric one is especially so!