Sunday, April 18, 2010

2 Projects finished

I have been preoccupied with family matters over the last week. I had a quick and sad trip to New York for a family funeral. My Aunt who was just short of her 102nd birthday passed away. She was a remarkable women and involved in the world until the end. We will all miss her.

I have posted photo's today of projects I've been working on for the last few weeks. Above and below are photos of the Knot Garden Pin cushion. This was made from a pattern out of a old issue of Stitch Magazine and is hand embroidered. The fuzzy hedge is made with the turkey stitch. Which felt like it took forever to cover the area needed.
The two photos below are of another scrappy journal which I will be using on a trip to Nashville and Memphis next month. I normally tend to work in Jewel tones but this time I felt spring like and worked a a soft pallet. I'm quite pleased with the outcome. I used mostly silk fabric for the cover with a bit of hand died velvet that I made ages ago. I just love the way these scrappy journals use up bits and pieces I have in my stash for both the cover and the pages inside.

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