Monday, June 27, 2011

New York City

I've been traveling again. I flew to New York City on a family matter last week and was kindly put up by my cousin in his beautiful home. He and his family live  in a charming town which was founded in 1654 a short train ride from the city.

It rained almost the entire week that I was visiting which is not the best way to see a city. I spent most of the week "on business" but I did take one day to do some fun stuff even though it was raining.
My first stop was Lee's Design Studio on 57th St. near Columbus Circle. They had a good selection of paper craft supplies on the main floor and 2 more floors of things for the home.  I found the staff friendly and helpful.  I was able to purchase a box of Cavallini tape that I've been wanting and not able to buy here at home. I also picked up some linen tape and other bits and pieces. They had a small selection of Washi tape which I resisted!

I walked across town to 5th Ave. and had a visit to one of my favorite museums The American Folk Art Museum which is located at 53rd and 5th Ave, next door to MOMA. There was a wonderful exhibition of quilts on show. I took a few pictures of my favorites. The top quilt was made of wool from British Uniforms most likely in the UK. The second quilt is an American Crazy quilt from the mid 1800.
My most  favorite in the exhibition was a a quilt made by Yuen No Akari in Japan. She learned quilt making in California in the 1970's. The quilt was made of Japanese fabrics and handwoven silks. It caught the light and shimmered. Just beautiful!
After a cup of tea and a cookie I continued my travels along 5th Avenue looking in windows and people watching. I loved being back in New York, being part the energy and vibrancy of the city of my birth again. I'm always surprised how quickly I fall back into the rhythm of the city and how "at home" I am when there. And did not mind the teasing from my DH about my accent when I arrived home.

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  1. I had never heard of the tapes you mentioned so I had to Google them. They're wonderful. There, I've learned my something new for today! Now I can just sit back and relax. LOL