Friday, June 3, 2011

Helping Through Art

For the last number of months I have been taking a class The Art of Digital Design at Jessica Sprague. Com , which has been a fantastic learning experience for me.  I very glad to report the class is finished, the test has been taken and pass (yeah!) and the kit that I made which was part of the requirement for the class  was critiqued by Carina Gardner . The critiquing was very helpful with lots of complements and also suggestions for areas of improvement. I'm now a CERTIFIED DIGITAL DESIGNER!!! Reality is I am nowhere near ready to be professional but it's a good feeling to have completed the class and passed all of the requirements. 

The graduates of the class decided we wanted to use our skills to reach out and help the victims of the earthquake in Japan. As collaboration we have created a Kit called "KIMONO" and with the kind help of Jessica Sprague.Com it is now up on the website for sale.

The kit can be purchased  at 25% off until Sunday June 5th, after that date it will be sold at full price.  All proceeds of the kit  will go to the RED CROSS to aid the victims of the earthquake in Japan. Thank you for supporting those in need.

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