Thursday, June 2, 2011

Garden time

 I've not had much time for creative endeavors over the past week, my Grandmotherly duties taking priority. I did take time today to do a bit of garden work as I'm hosting a
 Brunch on Saturday morning in the garden. Most of the garden is perennials and did not need much work, but I hadn't' planted up the urns and large planters on the deck and in the garden. We  had it seems like  weeks of rain but the last several days have been HOT, and the poor garden was wilting. Hardest hit were the peony trees we moved in early April.  After a good soaking with the sprinkler system the blooms much to my surprise and pleasure perked right up again. You can see the bright pink blooms in the upper right corner of the photo above.
 After finishing for the day I took my tea, a book and sat to enjoyed the view.

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  1. Your lush green garden looks like a little piece of heaven. What a perfect spot for a cup of tea and a good book!