Monday, June 27, 2011

Fox in the City

I live downtown in one of if not the largest city in Canada. There has been a lot of buzz in the neighborhood this spring about wild life. Now to put things in perspective we have always had raccoons and squirrels.

This spring a possum has been sited in backyards and in the last few weeks we have had an almost daily visit from a fox. Foxy of Phinian as he/she has been affectionately named comes by most morning about 7 sometimes carrying a squirrel in his mouth. Some of my neighbors have been worried about their cats. But my money is on the cat.
I think it's wonderful that wild life is returning to our city and are able to co exist with us humans.


  1. My bet would be on the cat :) There have been a lot of bears coming into towns here in Michigan. Even in Ann Arbor area where I just moved to.

  2. What a wonderful photo of the cat and the fox! Did you take that photo near home?