Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Now we are 4

Now we are 4, and lesson #10. My little grand daughters turned four yesterday.
They had the "kids" party on Saturday and a family dinner last night including candles to blow out again and a loud rendition of Happy Birthday to you. Their cakes were copied from the felt tooth fairy pillows I made this summer and gave to them at Christmas. You can see the cakes in the corners of the photo layout. Each pillow has a girls name on it which I took out for this posting.
When I asked the girls if they felt different being 4 instead of 3 their answer was that they are "now are grown up". I had to hide my smile and respond with you are almost grown up.

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  1. Beautiful layout Diane - so glad you are enjoying the class. I love the little paint flowers at the bottom of the page. What sweet litte grandaughters you have!