Friday, March 4, 2011

Home Again, home again jiggity jig

Looking out of my office window - and seeing gray skies, and little color - home again to winter. I am already missing the blue sky, green grass, flowers, and color of Calif.
I had a long but uneventful flight back from Calif. Only bit of bother was a pat down going through security. I was wearing a pedometer clipped to my waistband and I forgot to take it off. You would have though it was a bomb the way the security people reacted!
My flight was late in taking off and I did not arrived home until 1:00 AM EST. My DH kindly picked me up at the airport and my boy Sam was waiting at the door to give me a ecstatic greeting.

I was tired my first day home and did not get around to unpacking until today.
This carrier bag is full of art supplies I purchased while away.

Brimming over with ribbon, paper, and wonderful goodies that I will be playing with for the next little while.
Now back to real life, obligations, and work.

1 comment:

  1. Ah there you!
    I was beginning to think you must have gone home.
    What a great way to pend your last day in LA and such a bundle of goodies to play with!