Friday, March 4, 2011

Last Day in LA -Venice Beach

My last day in LA was spent visiting Venice Beach. The last time I had been to Venice Beach was in the nineteen sixties to visit an elderly cousin. I remember it as being somewhat run down and scuzzy. What a difference the years have made! I found on this visit it to be funky, upscale and making me want to come back again. Albert Kinny Blvd. was teeming with trendy shops and café's. The purpose for our visit was to buy a pedestal plate and dome for Nola at Bountiful.

Bountiful is crammed full of pedestals in every color and size with glass domes to match

The inside of the shop if full, right up to the ceiling with pedestals. Table after table stacked with pedestals. I was terrified that if I took a misstep they would all come tumbling down on me. Or god forbid a little tremor of a earthquake, we would be buried under tons of glass!

After much deliberation on color and size Nola found the perfect set, paid and I gave a sign of relief to be out of the shop. What risks one takes for a friend ;-)

After all the shopping I had been doing I was determined not to buy anything else! Well that lasted about a nanosecond after I spotted this necklace in Just Tantau. Designed by a local artist Heather Ramsey the necklace is made out of metal washers and I felt a must have.

We continued along the Blvd. to GJelina to have lunch. Wow was the food wonderful. I had a goat cheese and mushroom thin crust pizza drizzled with truffle oil, heaven! Nola kept laughing at my face as I took bite after bite.

After we finished lunch we continued strolling along looking in windows, stopping in art galleries and enjoying the sunshine.

Last stop of the day was my favorite coffee bar - The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Ocean Park, Santa Monica. I love the way they make their Chai tea latte.
A perfect ending to a perfect day.

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  1. I think I would question the sanity of the people that stock those shelves! Just kidding, but I certainly understand your being terrified, I would be too, it's an interesting place though!