Sunday, January 5, 2014

Embroidery 101

When I was in the south of France this past spring I bought a bag of dried lavender thinking it would be nice to make  lavender sachets. I asked my 61/2year old granddaughters if they would like to try an embroidery project to make the sachets and the answer was a yes. The girls chose the colours they wanted and worked hard on stitching the first letter of their names on cotton for the front of the sachets. I made a little embroidered piece for the back of each sachet as well as making the ruffled edge with my sewing machine. This was a nice little project to introduce the girls to the joy of working with your hands to make something beautiful.

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  1. I am missing so much of your life right now and really definitely need to take the time to go through your blog from the time I last came in and now. I just could not wait to let you know I have been peeking in and loving every moment - you really are an inspiration and encouragement.