Sunday, July 7, 2013

Journal Update

I have  continued to work over the last week on finishing the cover for the Embellishing Edges class.

To colour the pages I've been using Tombow markers. This is the first time I've worked with the markers and I'm impressed with what they can do. The markers are water based and can be used for lettering, colouring and  blending as well. . I only have a set of 9 basic colours,  by blending I was able to create more colours and by adding water I could  create shading.

This class  only covers edges and lettering and  I've enjoyed it but  would like  more detail and depth in learning how Valerie Sjodin creates her amazing journal pages. Valerie  tells me that she will be offering a class in the fall or early in the new year that that will do just that.

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  1. I haven't taken this class but will definitely do so. You are very inspiring, Diane and just for the fun of it I will do it. I am definitely NOT a perfectionist but love playing with color and paints. Maybe I am more into 'organized' journal. Like I want to know where I am going with what I am doing but this is just for fun with no rhyme or reason and I love it.