Monday, July 22, 2013

Before and After

I signed up for a class early last fall to learn how to use Adobe Lightroom.  The class was offered by Kim Klassen and called Round Trip. Over a series of lessons Kim was going to take us through the steps from loading a photo into Lightroom and finishing it up in Photoshop. On and  off, mostly off I have been working through  the videos that Kim provides trying to learn how to use this amazing tool. Below is a sample of what I did today with a photo I took in France last month.
This is the photo I started with.
I then  corrected the vertical distortion, the colour and started to remove the couple under the arch.
I felt the windows were a bit bare, using Photoshop  I added flowers and finished removing the people.
Next step was to use a Photoshop action to create a HDR ( High-Dynamic-range imaging) look. I created the above page using Anna Aspnes paper and brushes.

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  1. Oh Diane, so beautiful. I love your digital pages. If you offered a class I would take it from you.