Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday's Find

Kim Klassen hosts  Friday days find. It's a chance to post something special either it be a actual find or a thought with a photo. My "Fridays find" was a bouquet of Tombow markers.

I met a friend for lunch today near to Above Ground Art Supplies. I could not resist  going in just to look at the colours available. Weak women that I am when it comes to art supplies I came home with a dozen new markers!


  1. I am weak in art supply stores too! what fun colors - enjoy!

  2. I too can't go by an art shop...makes me go weak at the knees.....I like your image, is that your work? Stunning.

  3. Such lovely colors, Diane, you've created a beautiful art work !
    Nice weekend,

  4. My machine is playing up...3rd time luck with a comment. Love your art, love your art supplies. Happy week. :)

  5. Totally understandable. I did the same thing with sharpie markers a few years ago!
    Visiting from Friday Finds.