Monday, February 11, 2013

Rose Bowl Flea Market

Today we went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market. It's  3rd time that I have had the opportunity to visit this amazing market and see   of STUFF for sale!
We were greeted at the entrance by this fellow when we arrived about 9:30 am. Which is late the market opens at 5am. The parking lots were fairly full and we had to park quite a distance away from the entrance.

 We walked, and walked up and down the many aisles. It's unbelievable how many things are for sale, from antiques, old clothing, paper bits, and just downright junk. But one mans junk is another mans treasure.
 I loved this view of a wooden horse popping out of a truck.
 There were people of all ages searching for the perfect thing or bargain.
After  4 hours of walking and finding wonderful treasures which I hope will all fit into my suitcases we found the exit and headed for the long walk back to our car tired but happy.

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  1. I adore flea markets and finding treasures. If I could walk for even two hours I would most certainly seek out flea markets everywhere. Loved the one in Paris and even the ones further into the country in the Dordogne.....oh the treasures...It sounds like you had lots of fun. So glad for you.