Thursday, February 7, 2013

Play Day in LA

This week I'm visiting my friend Nola in LA. Today we had a play day in her studio. Our project was to make a art journal. Joining us was Ute (see her blog on the sidebar) an old friend from Doll Camp and a wonderful artist. We started with brown wrapping paper and acrylic paint and the instruction from Nola to just doodle. Above is what I came up with

In this photo you can see the jars of the very bright acrylics that we used.
Ute hard at work
Nola, myself and Ute.
Nola with her interesting doodling
My journal almost completed.

After finishing putting the journal together I relized that I had not made the spine large enough to hold all my signatures. Rats!!! After some thinking I cut the spine out, made it larger and with a good suggestion from Ute, painted in the missing bits that I had to cut off. It hardly shows where the new paper had been attached.
My next step is to add the signatures to the book using a stitch that Mary Ann Moss taught us in her latest and fantastic class Ticket to Venice.
All in all a wonderful day with good friends.


  1. Diane I love your beautiful doodles. Sounds like you're having a lot of fun, and your timing is great as we've been buried in the white stuff up here!

  2. ohhhhh my God, I really don't know what's wrong with the blog. Another comment lost. Grrrrrrr. Mary Ann recently played with doodles and paintings and I did do a little of it and love the idea of your photos, it shows you had a lot of FUN bigtime, dear friend. How wonderful to be able to share it with friends too.

  3. Oh my! It looks as you guys had so much fun. I miss our Dolly days. Maybe just my dolly friends actually. Wish I had people to play art with me up and over here. Love you guys!