Sunday, April 3, 2011

I have a confession to make

I have a confession to make besides being a tape junkie I'm I book junkie as well.

My latest purchase is Threads The basics & beyond. This book is primarily for machine stitching. It covers the basics for quilting, free motion embroidery and using thread to "paint" with. Lots of information is given about using different threads to create different looks and textures. There are small projects to try out using the different methods as well as informative tips.

This tip I found quite useful "Cross Wound and Stacked Spools": A closer look at your threads will reveal stacked threads are wound around spools in a

parallel fashion while cross wound threads criss-cross each other in overlapping X's around the spool. Stacked spools unwind best from a vertical, upright position, while cross wound spools perform best on a horizontal spool pin, secured with a spool cap. If your thread misbehaves, try changing it's position. Now did you know that, I didn't?

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  1. I am a book junkie too but my problem is that even though I buy some, I don't get around to really reading them. I have many in my bookcase that are unread. Lol. You are inspiring me, dear friend.