Sunday, April 3, 2011

I am several weeks into the on-line design workshop and love the learning about both design and Photoshop. Each day I keep being amazed on what I can do in the program. Not only am I learning new skills but I'm also being given links to design resources on the net to use. By the end of the class I should have a complete kit finished. And if I like I can complete a certification exam. Most of the other students are hoping to become web designers. Me, I'm just enjoying the process. I surprised my self by being able to design this paper pack. My kit theme is Spring. I'm now working of the elements to go with the kit and have this set of brads ready.

My first attempt at making a repeating pattern.

I'll continue posting as I add more to my digital kit.


  1. you are going great guns with this! Congratulations. Love it.


  2. Love your paper pack! The best way to learn something new like CS5 is by taking a class where you have to use it everyday - can't wait to see your creations!