Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fairy Slippers

Some time ago I reading Stitch magazine I came across a pattern by Annette Emms for making fairy slippers. They enchanted me and I've been wanting to make a pair ever since. This month my friend Heather who lives in Australia and I have chosen this pattern as our monthly challenge.

The slippers are about 3" long and made of dupioni silk with a felt backing and machine embroidered. I've embellished this pair with cotton embroidery, beads and pearls and metallic threads. I'll be posting later more slippers that I've made which I have used silk ribbon embroidery to embellish.

The hard part of all this stitching is choosing which pair to send off to Australia.


  1. Diane, these are absolutely beautiful, but sadly they're too small to fit me. I'm feeling a bit like the ugly step sisters!

  2. They are just!!

    Oh, too funny I was thinking I read about the trampoline on your site...sorry!! It was a funny story though from one of your classmates.

  3. They are so beautiful! I am wanting to make a pair myself! x

  4. they are where do you actually put them once they are done? do you hang them? You really are fantastic with fabrics.