Thursday, October 3, 2013

Working with my hands

Although I love creating digital art, I also love working with my hands. And now having 3 adorable granddaughters knitting has become one of my favorite pastimes. I find it very relaxing when watching television in the evening to knit. Below are some of the sweaters I made over the summer.

And here's the cutie who wears this sweater.
I made the same pattern in pink for the "big sisters"
Another sweater that I made was given to a friend with a new baby. Unfortunately I did not take a photo of  the finished sweater, hat, and little shoes. So here is a second best the photo from the pattern.
I also knitted a sweater for myself. TWICE! Yes twice, I had to rip out the first completed finished attempt which was heartbreaking, but it was too big and did not fit.  It was either rip or give it away. I loved the yarn that I used that was sent from the UK and would not be easy to replace, so rip it was.

 I'm delighted with the finished results this time around especially that it fits!

 Right now I'm knitting and Entrelac shawl. It takes 10 balls of wool and feels like it is taking forever! And if you don't know what Entrelac knitting is (I did not until I started the shawl) you can see some photos here


  1. Georgeous knitting and adorable children! You are so talented.

  2. yes, Anne Marie is right: YOU ARE SOOOOO talented. Love it and the girls look adorable! I also love knitting though I might not have the patience right now but knitting makes me feel productive when I am wasting time waiting in offices or watching TV or just sitting somewhere quietly.