Sunday, October 20, 2013

Another week

I find as I age time seem to go so quickly! Here we are and another week has passed and we are heading into Fall weather, Halloween and oh to soon Christmas, snow, and cold weather.

This week I met with friends from out of town for a walk about in Kensington Market, a yummy lunch and lots of chat to catch up on  news. These ladies are fiber artist and  belong to The Group of Eight, you can find their bog here and Linda Kittmer's blog here. I took some photos of the day which will eventually end up in my work over the next months.

I am continuing to enjoy and learn with Photoshop Artistry-Grunge. Sebastian our instructor asked me to write tutorials for the group on two my pages Golden Glory & Venezia. You can see both pages on my Flckr page.

One of the pages I made in the last week called Finding my Way received quite a few comments on the  Photoshop Artistry-Grung  group  Flickr page
And this page called California Dreaming received a "Standing O" over at Ocraps. It was taken during my last visit to LA.

And California dreaming I am! I hope to be able to go back to LA in the New Year for a visit.


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  1. Diane... I am so glad Sebastian from the photoshop artistry asked to write tutorials on your pages! I am taking the class as well, and love your work. When I see it, I think, "oh, I wish she would share how in the world she did that!" Now I will get to see and know. I love all your art work. Rob