Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Full Tilt Boogie - Book 3

I think I'm obsessed! I've been working non-stop making journals every spare minute for the past several days. And it's been so satisfying to have completed 3 journals now.
Journal # 3 was made from an old book with a title that jumped out at me when I found it in a second hand book shop near the cottage last weekend. It seem such an appropriate title for a journal.
As with the last Journal I carefully cut out the block of pages in the book and set them aside. I reinforced the binding and then used a lazy daisy stitch to sew the signatures to the binding. I highly recommend using waxed linen thread for binding and not unwaxed thread. Trust me unwaxed thread breaks at the most awkward times!
I use a Japanese Screw Punch which I bought here. It's a huge help drilling through pages and covers. A word of warning do not use this tool unless you have an appropriate base underneath! It will go through a Olfa mat!

I made 4 signatures of 6 pages each. With these pages I used the sewing machine rather than glue to attach papers and embellishments to the journal pages.

I found this add in a vintage magazine I bought at the Rose Bowl flea market when I was in LA.
Some free motion stitching on this page.

A bit of whimsy here.

Places to store things and to write on.

More pockets for tucking away found item and treasures.


  1. All these journals are gorgeous! I so have to take that class! (I just don't have the time right now, sigh).

  2. Wonderful books all! Like Caatje, I'm also not taking the class at this time, but I sure enjoy looking at everyone else's art work!

  3. Love your journals. Can't wait to take the class. Life is very busy right now. I clicked to follow your blog. If you have a chnace you can visit mine. www.alteredartstudio9010.blogspot.com
    I am not posting as often right now, but have some of my art there.
    I am a fellow member of Blissful Art Journaling.