Sunday, July 10, 2011

Full Tilt Boogie - Book 1

I've been busily making Journals for the past week. Following the instructions and videos of Mary Ann Moss and the Full Tilt Boogie class. Our first Journal was made with the kettle stitch and had an open spine. I used the covers from a photo album that I found at Goodwill some months ago.

I covered the front cover with handmade paper and then a cloth photocopy of a old WW2 poster of Rosie the Riveter stitched on. The red polka-a-dot and gross grain ribbon was woven into the kettle stitch and is used to attach the signatures to the book

The 4 signatures were made up of scrapbook paper, photo pages from the original book and watercolour paper. I covered the outer fold of each signature with Washi tape to give the spine a uniform look.

I'm not sure what the Journal will be used for, maybe my next trip?

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  1. Great book! I love it! Especially the spine. Did you use the same papers for the outsides of each signature? Or did you cove the folds with the same thing to make it uniform on the spine? However you did it, I like it!