Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Full Tilt Boogie

A year ago I took a wonderful on line class called "Remains of the Day" given by Mary Ann Moss. It started me on my journey of making Travel Journals.

Mary Ann writes a very entertaining blog call "Dispatch from LA" which you can find here.

Mary Ann has a new class which will be debuting in June called "Full Tilt Boogie".
This time we will be making journals out of old photo albums. Click on the link and you will find out more about it.
In anticipation I scoured the internet and found two journals on etsy. One is celluloid with a velvet spine and measures 7"x 9" with lots of lovely  different size and shape spots for photo's

The second album that I purchased is a lovely velvet with gold edging on the pages.
It too has lots of pages with to use with an assortment of photo frames. It measures
9" x 11".  Buying these albums can become addictive so beware!


  1. Great album finds! I'm in love with the gorgeous celluloid floral. Can't wait for the new class!

  2. Both are gorgeous! I haven't found an album yet, but I'm really looking forward to Mary Ann's next class!

  3. Hi Diane, just dropped in to look at your new albums! Aren't they gorgeous. I just made my first ROD journal a couple of weeks ago, and now I too am waiting for the big announcement for FTB. YES, it can get addictive can it not. I'm a Canadian living in Mexico. I will probably see you on line when the class begins. Have a great day. Donna