Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bird watching

 One of the joys of being at the cottage is seeing the wild life.  Having a digital zoom on my camera made it possible to take these photos as the birds were quite a distances away.

 I saw a pairs of  Trumpeter swans in the wet lands near the cottage as I was driving back from a shopping trip. I stopped the car and  tried walking through the bush to see if  I could  get close enough to see if there were any babies. I was only wearing sandals and was a bit worried about being bitten by a Massassauga rattlesnake which have make a comeback in our area.  In the same area I also saw several Great Blue Herons and what I believe was a Cormorant. Unfortunately I was unable to get close enough even with using the zoom lens to get a good shot of the Cormorant. Today I did get some photos of Canada Geese right in front of the cottage.

 I have a humming bird feeder outside of the kitchen window and get to see aerial fights on a regular bases between the Humming Birds. They are surprisingly very aggressive towards each other. I would love to get some photos of  the Hummers, but they are shy and don't come near if I'm outside.

Trumpeter Swans

 Great Blue Heron

 Canada Geese

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