Saturday, May 25, 2013

Geting Ready

   It's not very long now until I leave for Nice, France. I've been busy trying to figure out what to pack, I always over pack and trying to guess what the weather will be like. Does anyone else have that problem?
   One of the fun parts of getting ready for a trip is making a travel journal. Mary Ann Moss has been an inspiration to me,  sharing her journals on her blog.
   The journal I made for this trip uses a  Diamond X binding that I was taught in the on-line class Ticket to Venice. The journal consists of 3 signatures of 10 full pages (40 individual pages).  The pages are made of a variety of papers, folders and plastic pockets. For the cover I made a  collage using corrugated cardboard, Japanese papers and other bits and pieces I had around. I used a photo that I altered in Photoshop as the focal point. This book is 8x10" a bit larger that I usually make and  most of the pages had to be stitched together to get the right size.  I don't like a blank page I find it intimidating, to get around that I  lightly spray stenciled the white watercolour pages.
 Now all I have to do is pack the journal and my travel kit of pens, tapes etc. and enjoy the trip.

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  1. Lovely cover for your journal. I totally agree with you that M.A. Moss has been an inspiration and I can't wait to start on another journal of a trip we took to Venice and Italy in general a year ago. I too, feel kind of intimidated by blank pages, so most of mine are prepared either with gesso or a touch of soft paint.