Sunday, December 30, 2012

Crafting for Christmas

Now that all of my hand made Christmas cards have arrived at their destinations I can post photos of them. I was inspired to make cards this year by a video tutorial  that I watched on you can see it here.

The first card I made was of and gas lamp post, I  added a Christmas wreath, painted it and then sprinkled with glitter and it was good to go.

 The three cards above were  made with  3 new Tim Holtz stamps I treated myself to. I used watercolour to paint them and cut the edges with a rotary blade. Glitter was added as a last step to the card and background.
 In some of the cards I sent out I added this little Christmas bird. My friend Lorraine showed me how to make them one afternoon a few weeks ago. I had a wonderful time with my little granddaughters one day after school having them make their own.

I made a dozen of these round ornaments to give as gifts. Again it was Lorraine who show me how to make them. I used paper from an old book and the centers came from antique Christmas cards photos that I printed out. I kept a few for myself and they look wonderful hanging on our tree.

I hope everyone had a happy Christmas holiday.


  1. Hi Diane - Great job on your cards and ornaments!I think I will have to get myself a set of those Tim Holtz stamps for next year. Love the way you watercoloured them :)

  2. I love my little bird and will treasure it forever. It will take its place next Christmas on my tree. And oh what great Christmas cards and ornaments. You are beyond talented.