Monday, May 28, 2012

3 in a boat

I read a book many years ago when I lived in the UK called 3 Men in a Boat.
It was a funny account of a boating holiday on the Thames.
Here is my vision of of a boat holiday.


  1. Hi Diane

    I love this creative! I have a book being published next year by Robert Hale of London called A Taste of the Thames:exploring the river's social and culinary history. It includes references to Three Men in a Boat. My website publicising my book is due to go on-line next week and I'm wondering whether I use your picture to represent delivery of the manuscript? It would of course be fully acknowledged with a link to your site. You can see more about my work, including the Thames book, at

  2. Hi Diane...your picture is now on the website, which went live last night. It's not being picked up by Google just yet, but if you type into your address bar it should come up. Thanks again..I think it looks brilliant!