Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Work in progress

A 2004 we were given tickets to tour a garden in Quebec called
 Les Quatre Vents or The Four Winds. The garden is owned by the New England Cabot family and is only open to the public twice a year for a few days.
I took hundreds of photo's as we followed the tour over 15 hectares and several hours of walking. Les Quatre Vents is a  truly spectacular garden that is divided into more than 20 areas from formal gardens, to woodlands, including an extensive Japanese garden and a field of the most incredible blue poppies I have ever seen.  If you are interest in learning more about the garden the present owner Francis H. Cabot wrote a book describing his family ties to the area since 1902 the development of the garden called "The Greater Perfection".

I had always intended to use the photo's I took to create an  embroidery.

Yesterday after so many years I finally started . I laid a foundation using a Embellisher. If you don't know what an Embellisher is check out this link.
To form the  bricks and plants I used mohair and soy silk fibers. Next step is to create dimension by hand embroidery. I plan on using several different weights of floss and a variety of stitches. Truth be known this is my favorite part, I love to embroider and find it very soothing.

More photos to come as the piece develops.


  1. I just love this 'A Work in progress'......it is very lovely, Diane...and I have not seen the gardens but would have enjoyed walking around.

  2. oh dear, not sure if my comment went through. I just said that I would have loved walking through the Quatre Vents gardens and I love your page 'A work in progress'....what a great picture.