Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A-B-C's of a new class & travel news

I love taking on line class and learn at  my own pace. This week I started a poster design class at Jessica Sprague. Our first assignment was to make a poster of the alphabet using 4 different fonts. I thought this might be a nice one to frame for my youngest grand daughters room. 
Now for the travel news. In a few days we are off on a cruise of the Mayan Coast . Our first stop is Key West, and then on to Belize City. During our stop in Belize City we will be going to see the Mayan City of Altun Ha. Next is Mahogany Bay, Honduras. There are no runes nearby to see instead we will be visiting the Botanical Gardens and having a tour of the west side of the island
Another stop on the cruise is Costa Maya, Mexico. We have booked an excursion to see Chacchoben Mayan ruin.
I am looking forward to this adventure especially after visiting the Royal Ontario Museum Mayan exhibition last month. I'm bring my Digital SLR with me to take lots of photo and have made a travel journal to keep while away.
I am trying out a journal that I made with a ring binding to see if that works better than fixed signatures. This way I'll be able to move about photo pockets and pages that work best for my days journal page. 
I hope I'll have lots of interesting photos to share when I get back.


  1. As I post this, you're probably enjoying beautiful scenes on your travels. Hope you're having a fabulous time. I look forward to seeing your finished journal full of all the photos when you return.


  2. A ring art journal is my next adventure. Let us know how it works out over in the caravan forum. Would love to see more of it when you get some journaling done.

  3. I love how it looks, Diane. I have one with rings and can open it and add stuff or remove stuff. But I am still not sure if I like the idea of the metal rings. I also have one that I stitched and one I fixed with ribbons..have to take pictures. Yours looks very neat and beautifully made and I am re-considering. Thank you for letting me see this. You really are great at all this.