Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Shadow Knows!

There was a radio program in the nineteen thirties called The Shadow  it's hero was Lamont Cranston. Each program would be started with an ominous voice saying "Who know what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Only the Shadow knows!" Not that I'm old enough to have heard the program but somehow saying "Only the Shadow knows" is  said around our house when we can't give an answer.
This all leads into writing today about  a self paced  class I have just started called Shadows. Shadows are so important to be able to created drama and realism in art work. Here are my first two completed assignments.
Very basic shadows were added to the cup and bottle to created a feeling of depth in the picture.
Assignment two was a bit more complex working with moving figures and sunlight.
How did I do? Do you think the shadows look realistic?

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  1. Wow! Just love the second one with grandpa and Sam and"little" girl.