Friday, June 25, 2010

Wild Roses

We made a quick trip to the cottage recently and found wild roses in boom. Our cottage is about a two hour trip north of Toronto.The house is on a small island in the middle of the river. We keep a boat on the south shore to make the trip across.
When we arrived we found not only the wild roses in bloom but also the roses I planted in one of the garden beds.

Due to the warm May we also found the Lillie's in bloom and the Hosta's starting to grow ahead of their usual season .

As we walked up the stone steps to the cottage we could see a number of the other perennials blooming as well.

We had been visited by beavers this winter who took down a number of our trees. This oak is still standing, but I'm afraid not for very long. When it does come down I will have a problem, it is the tree my cloths line is attached to!

It was such a beautiful day it was hard to get back in the boat and head south to the city.

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  1. You have a nice cottage on a lovely site, Diane. Love all the boulders and rocks around the flowers!

    I wonder how many trees a beaver destroys, can a mesh screen be placed around certain trees to prevent such damage?